Black Hills Balloons was featured by Shine On Photography.  Here is her view and first-hand experience:

“On Saturday the alarm went off at 4:30am! It was time to visit Black Hills Balloons!  As they prepared the balloon, a gentle sunrise was starting to take shape.

Damien and Keely are the owners of Black Hills Balloons. They were warm and welcoming and cracked enough jokes to make everyone comfortable. They are also very skilled pilots and also work as instructors. In the summer they fly almost every morning – weather permitting.

This was a very special experience for our family. Something that we will always, always remember! Thrilling, yet serene and peaceful. When you are slowly floating above the trees, it is very quiet and calm.

It doesn’t make you feel afraid of heights like a fair ride might – because it is so slow and gradual – you feel at ease.

Add this one to your must-do list! It is amazing! And if you are like me – you will have so many pictures that you will be sharing them for years to come.  A definite South Dakota #MyGreatPlace experience!

Back on the ground! We found it fascinating that they can’t totally control where the balloons end up (the wind does that!) So they land in empty fields – sometimes on private property.

Damien said that the majority of Black Hills residents are very welcoming! And sure enough – we landed in a very kind gentleman’s yard. He came out and chatted with us (can you imagine looking out your window at 7am and seeing this huge balloon landing in your yard?!) The boys rolled around in his yard with his dogs as they packed up the balloon.

Thank you so much Black Hills Balloons for this absolutely amazing experience! I want to go again right now!”

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