Hot Air Balloon Safety

Our Balloons:

Hot air balloon safety is our highest priority.  We proudly fly equipment built by top industry manufacturers, Aerostar International, Lindstrand USA and Ultra Magic BalloonsFAA  Certified Repairmen annually inspect our balloons, while an in-house FAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Station provides daily scheduled maintenance.  We truly believe in preventative maintenance to keep our equipment in top shape throughout the year and between annual inspections.

Our sturdy, well-maintained equipment has your safety and comfort in mind. Larger balloons like ours, have compartments with high sides; providing a sturdy wall to lean on when taking photos and enjoying the view.  Passengers feel safe and secure when onboard our partitioned and padded baskets.  Each compartment carries 2-3 passengers, giving freedom to move around and the opportunity to share conversation and photos with other compartment guests.  The baskets are designed to create the safest, most convenient, and most comfortable experience for all.

Our Pilots:

Our pilots are FAA licensed commercial balloon pilots and flight instructors.  Pilots attend safety seminars annually, ensuring they are at the top of their game and involved in the ballooning community.  All flights are at the discretion of the pilot, with special consideration to wind and weather.


From start to finish, you can be safe in knowing you are fully insured. Our vehicles and balloons are commercially insured for passenger-carrying operations.

Black Hills Balloons is one of the most established, safety-focused balloon companies in the United States.  We have been making memories for 40 years and hope to continue the tradition for 40 more!