Best Things South Dakota named Black Hills Balloons #1 of 9 Best Sightseeing Tours in South Dakota.  Here’s what they had to say:

Whether Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, the state capitol, the Corn Palace, Wall, or Falls Park, tourists are drawn to South Dakota in droves! There’s a sight to see virtually around every corner. Experience all the scenic beauty and fascinating history of the state by taking the best sightseeing tours in South Dakota!

Black Hills Balloons:  With 30 years of tour experience and the largest, most modern balloons in the five-state area, Black Hills Balloons is a safe, exciting adventure! This tour flies over the ponderosa pine forests and mountains of the Black Hills. Reservations are required. On the day of the tour, guests are taken to a field to watch the balloon being inflated, which takes approximately 20 minutes. The tour lasts one hour, and guests are treated to views of local wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and a beautiful sunrise. Upon landing, guests are toasted with champagne while the ground crew packs up the balloon and equipment.

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