The World is Awesome,

Experience it from a Balloon!

Black Hills Balloons is currently one of the oldest Balloon Ride companies in the USA!


As a leading provider of hot air balloon rides, we take pride in offering the safest possible tour. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. This is our 30th year with an impeccable safety record!

Here is Your Chance!

Experience the Magnificence of the world viewed from a Balloon! The beauty of our area makes this one of the most sought after flights in the world. Drift along, cloud-like, above the peaks and scenic lakes. Herds of wild buffalo, elk and deer are frequent sights. What a fantastic way to see the historic Black Hills! All the while experiencing the oldest form of flight known to man. Enhancing your tour even more, we follow the flight with a traditional champagne celebration, personalized flight certificates as well as other amenities you will enjoy.


With over 30 years of local tour experience, the largest and most modern hot air balloons in the 5-state region; Black Hills has helped thousands of people see things from a different point of view! Black Hills Balloons has a capacity ranging from two to twelve passengers per balloon, and can accommodate nearly any size of sightseeing party. Balloon flying is approximately a three-hour activity, consisting of the inflation and launch, the flight itself that is approximately one hour in the air, the pack up and the traditional champagne toast with return-to-base ride. Sunrise, when the winds are calm and cool, is the only time of day flights are available. Weather permitting of course.


Balloons are federally regulated aircraft, meaning they are subject to periodic inspection. All of our pilots are federally licensed commercial balloon pilots and instructors. all flights are at the discretion of the pilot, with special consideration to wind and weather. An in-house FAA certified Aircraft Maintenance Station and daily maintenance on our balloons puts you in the safest of hands for your tour.